ZENSAR Suppliers Pvt. Ltd. was established in Hyderabad, India. We are leading manufacture of Lead Products in India. We are engaged in the process of manufacturing Lead Alloys, Pure Lead, Lead Oxides like Lead-Sub Oxide with proven technology and processes with an installed capacity to produce 500 Ton Lead Per Month.

43 years of experience in the industry have made us pioneers in the field and Zensar is a name one can justifiably be proud of today.


"Zensar is the first company that I have worked for that actually follows their stated values. The environment I have been surrounded shows that Zensar believes "success can't be achieved without employee satisfaction and customer care". - Rahul Kumar

" I appreciate the amazing track record Zensar had been making .We have the concern for employees that family members have for each other. We want to develop each other so we are strong contributors and make sure we behave in a way that makes the family proud.
- Virender Sharma